Wild Ones Rhino

Rhino in Wild Ones

Have you used the Rhino in Wild Ones' growing war within the Animal Kingdom?

Not yet? Try the Rhino now!

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Or Mister Bunny is going to shoot you with his big gun.

Facebook Wild Ones Skill Match

Remember Wild Ones like it used to be?

The classic version of Facebook WildOnes?

Play the WildOnes Skill Match mode.
You can select this mode in the map selector.

Skill Match
Limits your choice of weapons to the bare essentials.

This mode was made for those old-school players who wish to play the "classic" Wild Ones.

What can you say about this mode?

How to have Full Screen in Wild Ones

It is quite easy to go into FULL SCREEN mode for Facebook WildOnes.

Here's how:
Click the Window button on the upper right corner to toggle this option.

If you want to turn the WildOnes music on/off. There is also a music button in that corner.
Use it well, Wild One.

Additional notes:
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Wild Ones Cheats Not Allowed

WildOnes Cheats are not allowed
The Playdom team does not allow players who exploit WildOnes.
Anyone who does so or attempts to do so will be BANNED from the game.

*Facebook Wild Ones also encourages fair play amongst everyone.

Do you think you were unfairly banned?
El Guapo of Playdom would like to ask anyone who was unfairly banned to submit a support ticket through the in-game help tab.

Do you know some Wild Ones cheats and cheaters?
Report it to us here at Wild Ones Updates.
You can post a comment to report a Wild Ones cheat, hack or exploit.
Hopefully, it would be fixed as soon as possible.

Enjoy playing Wild Ones!

WildOnes on Facebook Private Matches

Private Matches on Wild Ones Facebook is now available!

Now you can battle with friends in Wild Ones!!!

Here is the basic functionality:

-If you go to the Multiplayer Room, you will see new buttons for creating and joining a private match with your friends.

-Click "Create" to name and create and new private match room and then give your friends the exact name of the room so that they can find it.

-If you know the name of an existing room, click "Join", type in the name of the room and you will be automatically placed in the match lobby for that private match.

We're still refining this feature, but as always, we'd like to hear what you all think about this update.